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Welcome to the Harvik Speech and hearing Clinic, situated at N-1, South Extension Part-I, New Delhi-110049. The Clinic provides Rehabilitation services for speech and hearing problems, which includes Diagnostic Hearing tests, Dispensing of state of the art latest and smallest Digital hearing aids, In-house Earmold and Shell making lab, Speech therapy for all types of speech and language disorders.


The clinic was stared in 1997 by Ashutosh Arora (Audiologist), EX-AIIMS.

From the day one itself clinic had started doing well, and still going strong with good client base, which includes world-renowned personalities also. We have always believed in the policy of being truthful to our clients.

We have always stayed away from the system of giving cuts to the doctors, and can proudly say, “ We have guts to say no to the cuts”. Thankfully there are still number of good doctors who refer their clients to us without any expectations for cuts. Our large base of satisfied clients has been the biggest source of referrals to us. It was not easy to grow by staying away from the so-called cut-system, but we have proved that we can still survive, if we firmly believe in our principles.


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